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The lucky first culinary blog of the Western Finger Lakes region goes to The Three Legged Pig in Lakeville – for BBQ and beer. Why a pig with only 3 legs you ask? This place is super chill. Kind of a cross between a juke joint and a gas station pit stop, you can walk in and pick your own table, bring kids and get a quick delicious meal without any fuss. Unfortunately it was also chilly, I was cold and I noticed that several people kept their coats on. That wouldn’t stop me from going back though; it’s a great value.

 The servers were quick and accommodating – they shared all of the work so we met them both. The food was really well done. We tried the redneck egg rolls which were slightly larger than a typical egg roll and stuffed with veggies and smoky pork. They served this with a sweet/spicy dip. I really liked these. They kinda trick you because you can’t help but expect the taste of a Chinese egg roll but then you get the smoke. A combo meal in addition was more than enough food for 2.5 people. The #4 that we ordered included ribs, pulled pork, jalapeño corn bread, sweet potato fries and an extra side of coleslaw – all delicious. Ribs were nice & charred, the pulled pork was tender and vinegary. The corn bread was slightly undercooked and not particularly spicy but was still good. 

The fries were hot and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the slaw was fresh and crunchy and not soggy at all. King was a big fan, he pounded his dinner. 

The Three Legged Pig leaves a few different kinds of house BBQ sauces on the table – all of which are good if you like it sweet. A regular house BBQ, a mustard sauce and a spicy sauce. The only down side to this place is that they were all too sweet for me, even with the vinegar on the pork. However, don’t let that keep you from making a stop here. We had a great dinner plus a whole leftover meal to bring home for around $30.00. Next time you’re trucking down the 390 past Conesus lake, make a quick stop here or order their catering for your lake picnic.