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Ok, maybe that’s an oversimplification. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and a lot has happened, but you won’t be interested in most of it. The point is that we took some steps difficult steps towards the goal, beginning with the sale of 644 W. Main St. This was not easy. I’ve lived here for 10 years and don’t have time in this context to describe the personal cost that went into this little slice of my American dream. Sufficed to say, I cried a bunch and made my peace. Good-bye Gilmore house. 

Hayes House, aka Gilmore House

But! Having found nothing to replace it, we spent the summer in a trailer on the family land experimenting with the available resources and beginning a garden. I tried a multitude of seeds, learned about each variety, bought a freezer and filled it with vegetables, picked wild berries, tried canning a few things, dried herbs and tomatoes, gathered walnuts, failed miserably at cauliflower but succeeded wildly with apple cider. I had an amazing summer with my boys and without the Internet. 

watermelon radish

the boys

blush tendril peas

making hot sauce

Towards the end of the summer we purchased a new house with several acres in Bloomfield NY and named it Morriston (every old house needs a bad-ass British sounding name).
Love, love, love! While the 1803 brick house needs little work, the land needs some healing. Previously a busy dairy farm, the property is covered in old cement foundations from toppled sheds and barns, and littered with old fence and parts. It also seems to have its own mini dump, complete with large remnant pile of things that should never have been burned. That’s the down side. It’s also sits in a rather stately way at the top of a hill, has a spring, two awesome old barns, a level field, a great hill to sled on and an amazing sunset. 

I’ve just ordered my seeds and the summer chore list is stacking up. In the mean time, there are a few major things to deal with that don’t require nice weather – like the fact that we don’t yet have a stove haaaaaaa! This kitchen is an entirely different story. It does mean that business is not currently happening. This will change shortly.

Now that we are located in the Finger Lakes region, we have to re-orient a little. We are halfway between the land and the city of Rochester. Our new closest city is Canandaigua, there are a myriad of small towns to explore, and I look forward to having constant access to kayaking and fishing. Exploring will be fun and I’ll keep you posted as I try new restaurants and places to see.