It seems that people who are successful in business need one good idea. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate idea, just the first (or at least near it). So to finally get to the food, I make these:
becki's weddingbecki 2
As the Dowager Lady Grantham says, nothing succeeds like excess. They’re fun, different and delicious! They’re whatever your style is and whatever you want them to be. They match your themes, they cater to your allergies, they come in all shapes and sizes for every budget. They’re that thing I do… that at least I don’t know anyone else who does.
I love all kinds of food – but dessert towers are phase 1.1. The colorful set-up above, done for a friend’s wedding gift, has red velvet cake cupcakes and top to cut, flourless chocolate cake, cheesecake with strawberries, key lime pie, baklava and little dirt cake cups for the kids.

Slightly less complicated:
lauren 1   lauren 2
Country Wedding:
stacie 7   
What do you think?