computer 1

Apparently the more time you spend in and around computers, the less and less the general population are able to understand the humor of your jokes.  I have this problem with the friend who built me this computer, fortunately, in addition to being incomprehensible, hes very long-suffering. Meet Artie, which you will of course understand is short for the Artist Formally Known as Computer.  I think it’s very important to make completely sure that I take absolutely none of the time or resources of my employer.  This is a new boundary for me because I regularly bring personal tasks to work and bring work home.  The new computer is exciting to me because if I told you what my job was you’d be surprised to learn that I’ve never been able to afford a new computer whilst under their employ. I perceive this as the result of a combination of the economy, fatigue induced obliviousness and subconscious misogyny which I’d better leave alone.

I think there really are a lot of people in this place – making enough money to get by but not enough to get ahead, and my conclusion is this: if your work is not engaging, and then you come home to a financially bland situation, this is not worth doing something you don’t love.  Its easy to find jobs you don’t like. To be sure of not leaving one hell for a fresh one – do it yourself.

So this is my first business investment which makes it all a lot more real than it was a minute ago – to keep everything dante’s inferno separate from everything else at all times. Do it yourself – I’m excited to have this simple freedom.  I want publisher, I will save until I can get it. No approval necessary. Good times.